Bring a bottle of your favourite alcohol for our bartenders to mix for you and your guests

It’s strange but prohibition in the United States during the 20s did great things for drinks and drinking culture. Bad tasting bathtub gins forced bartenders to find exciting new ways to flavour drinks and the police constantly on the prowl for bootlegged booze drove people underground, creating their own secret world that celebrated the sharing of drinks and company. The speakeasy was born.

At BYOC we strive to deliver everything that was great about the speakeasy without the danger of being busted by the coppers at any moment. Simply bring a bottle of your favourite spirit to one of our hidden away haunts and have our team of skilled bartenders, armed with an exciting array of homemade syrups, juices and bitters fix you something that really tickles your fancy, whether your taste buds are lusting after a classic or something a little more adventurous.

So for an evening of flavour, frivolity and fedoras unlike any other, look no further than BYOC. The spirit of the speakeasy.

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